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Trouble. Right here by River City. With a capital T

The small site (currently a parking lot, just 165 feet of frontage) just south of River City is set to be purchased by CMK, says Crain’s. This is not the much larger vacant parcel that stretches south to Roosevelt Road.

Meanwhile, across the street at 859 S. Wells, a parking lot that closed recently south of Paper Place Loftominiums, Michigan Avenue Partners plans four-story condos, a total of 86 units. I’m surprised the land was cheap enough for these to pencil out. The developers have two similar projects finished in the West Loop, and two more under construction there. I'm not crazy that the ground floor of these will be parking (1:1) with blind windows, but it's hard to make much of a case for the retail required in B2-3. I wish they'd at least do the traditional urban solution of putting the parking a half-level down, so occupied units would be only a half-level up from the sidewalk.

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