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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

"IBM office employees, Los Angeles." (no date)

I thought it would be fun to try and locate this office by using the clues outside the window.


The large rooftop sign in the distance is a bit hard to read. -is it HOTEL something-rama?
...and there's also the painted sign in the lower right corner of the window. R (maybe)_I E S _L I Z_?
We now know the location, but I'm beginning to think that the sign outside the window says "DIESELIZED". Maybe one of our railroad experts can help out here. I found the article below in the Prescott Evening Courier from March 11, 1954. It says the Santa Fe Railway ran its first dieselized "Super Chief" between Chicago and Los Angeles in 1936. Given that the IBM picture dates from 1938, could the sign outside the window have been a poster/advert for the Santa Fe Railway?
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