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Originally Posted by Lorendoc View Post
The 1942 city directory has a listing for IBM. The view out the window is looking north from an upper floor of 1670 Wilshire Blvd. The sign says "Hotel Barbara" which was at 1927 W. 6th Street. Sometime around 1950 it was renamed the "Hotel Barbizon."
Lorendoc, I had my post about the IBM building written, and my pictures saved, when I found that you'd beaten me to the identification by literally a couple of minutes (I think I may have done the same to you before ). My post contained pretty much the same information as yours (I didn't have the assessor's details), but I thought I'd re-write the text so I could salvage the pictures. BTW, when I found e_r's picture on eBay, the seller had relisted it with a date of 1938. Did you notice that although the front of the bulding has had a makeover, the side windows of 1670 Wilshire still match the IBM picture?


GW posted pitcures of the Hotel Barbara/Barbizon in post #11073, but the Hotel Barbara picture didn't show the sign. I managed to find it in the background of this 1935 view across Westlake (MacArthur) Park. e_r, I hope you like the building in the top left .

Detail of picture in USC Digital Library

I also tried to find the building in the foreground. The aerial below shows the relative positions of the two buildings, and a small structure diagonally opposite 1670 Wilshire. It's no longer there, and looking at the historic GSV images, it was taken down between the end of 2012 and the start of 2014. Those same historic images also indicate that it's not the foreground building in e_r's picture - the search for that one goes on.

Google Maps

For my last picture, I went back to the Googlemobile for a look towards W 6th Street from near Wilshire. Sure enough, there's the Hotel Barbizon sign sticking out above the roofs.


I guess I'll just have to be quicker next time .
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