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Halifax looking north from grain elevator circa 1900

Found this photo on the wikipedia site about the Halifax explosion.


I was trying to figure out its exact location, which is difficult because so much has changed in the past 114 years. My first clue was the location of the Intercolonial Railway Station, visible in the upper left of the photo (at red arrow):

The Intercolonial station:


To bring it home, I chanced across the 1894 map posted on the first page of this thread by skyscraper_1

The map clearly shows where the tracks fan out south of the dockyard, and the relative location of the Intercolonial Station.

So, from that, it appears to me that the photo is taken from the vantage point of somewhere around the red circle below:

So, based on this information, using Bing Maps birdseye view, the general area today looks like this (red circle is a guess at the approximate photo location):

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