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Another possible location ID for one of e_r's "1925 Photos of Movies Being Filmed".

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The "USED CAR DEPT" sign on the left appears to say "W P HERBERT CO" underneath. In the 1926 CD they had this advert. It looks like they were yet another agent for Chandler and Cleveland cars. Their used car department was at 1702 S Figueroa. The address, just north of the Patriotic Hall, is now part of a Toyota dealership under the Santa Monica Freeway.


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I've already identified a couple of buildings in the background of this picture, but I wanted to find the buildings in the foreground. Looking through the 1926 CD, I couldn't find anything listed at 6150 Hollywood Boulevard (the building with the "STAR" signs), although the 1921, 1923 and 1932 CDs all list car related businesses at that address (for anyone who's interested: 1921 - Schrader & Davis, auto repairing; 1923 - C A Opperman, automobile dealer; 1932 - J H Neaves J H Jr, used car dealer). The 1926 CD does have a listing for 6154 Hollywood Boulevard - the Hillcrest Motor Company. Here's a picture from 1927. A little of 6150 can be seen on the left.

By 1929, the Hillcrest Motor Co was selling Cadillacs and La Salles from their new Meyer & Holler designed building opposite the Roosevelt Hotel at 7001 Hollywood Boulevard.

This and other premises owned by the Hillcrest Motor Co have been discussed previously in post #6466 and post #11913. It's now clear that the unidentified last picture in Chuckaluck's post was taken at the 6154 Hollywood Boulevard address seen above. The missing picture from GW's post can be found here.
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