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The picture below shows Western Avenue between 1st Street and 2nd Street in October 1924.

USC Digital Library
Originally Posted by Lorendoc View Post

Good find on that photo of Western Avenue, HossC.

The perspective is confusing. An insert of your insert:

shows an "UG CO" (red arrow), which is actually on the far side of 1st Street. This is the Ridgway Drug Co. at 101 N. Western.
I meant to post this follow-up a couple of days ago, but got distracted by airfields, bus depots and babies in drawers .

You're right about the perspective, Lorendoc. Just for fun, I thought I'd do a "now" picture for comparison since there are several of the original buildings still standing. Despite being taken from roughly the same spot, the storage building and the hills in the distance both look much closer in the 1924 image.


This picture, also from 1924, was taken about a block north of the one above, roughly level with the Ridgway Drug Co identified by Lorendoc.

USC Digital Library

On the left is a See's Candy Shop at 135 N Western Avenue. The building still stands, and is now Tom N Toms Coffee (renumbered to 125 N Western Avenue). The "Hollywoodland" sign is just visible above the roof.

Detail of picture above.

On the right is Henderson Nash at 108 N Western Avenue. They were also dealers for cars made by the Chandler Motor Car and Cleveland Automobile companies (both of which were founded by Frederick C. Chandler). It wasn't until two years after this picture was taken that the two companies were merged into the Chandler-Cleveland Motors Corp. The company was sold to the Hupp Motor Car Corp at the end of 1928. I think that the Nash sign says "Temporary Quarters". The 1923 CD lists the Mecca Oriental Rug Cleaning Company at 106 N Western Avenue, but it looks like Henderson's occupies the whole building here. I love the little Hercules Gasoline station - I wonder whether those squares were black and white, or something more colorful. It appears as the Petitfils & Miller service station at 102 N Western Avenue in the 1923 CD. Check out the used cars in the lower right corner.

Detail of picture above.

I thought we'd seen this picture before, but I can't find it. It's pretty much an elevated view of the same part of N Western Avenue, but taken a year earlier. The See's Candy building is on the left. Moving north of Council Street, there are a couple of vacant lots with steps already built. On the right, the large building set back from the road opposite See's Candy is Wilshire Cadillac Service at 112 N Western Avenue.

USC Digital Library
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