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Thanks for the information on the Elk's Hall and the old Los Angeles/Orpheum/Lyceum theater on Spring Street HossC.
...and also for finding the mystery 'billboard' building in Montebello Park. In all honesty, I didn't expect it to still be there.

I've always been very interested in Thelma Todd's mysterious death (probable murder) in December of 1935.

I first covered this ultra-noirish episode back on page 55 here:

and later with a list of suspects here:

Beaudry wrote about Ms. Todd on his 1947project:

As a reminder, here's the layout

Here's the garage in 1935

old file

and today

I never thought I'd get to see inside, but the chauffeur's apartment is for rent and there are photos online of the interior.
It's described as a "Historic Mediterranean Guest House". (they're asking $2,500 a month for rent)

I can't think of a more noirish place to live in L.A. than above where they found Thelma Todd dead so many years ago.

To see inside the actual garage you have to go here:

Question: Was there anyone in the apartment the night Ms. Todd died?

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