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Fanchon and Marco girls pose by the Cascades at the ill-fated Midwick View Estates development in Monterey Park CA, circa 1930.

and it's still there!

El Encanto and the Cascades were built in the 1920s to showcase a high-end development called MidWick View Estates.
Unfortunately, the stock market crashed and Midwick View Estate never came to be.

In this view we're looking in the opposite direction towards the club house El Encanto where the grand opening ceremonies are taking place on October 6th 1929.

note the Midwick View Estates sign on the hilltop


El Encanto is still there as well.

-interior of El Encanto.


Now lets return to the day that held so much promise, Oct. 6, 1929.


another starlet perhaps?

-there's part of that ship tile work that you saw earlier in the color photo. (looks like it might have been a hot day )

comfort station

-another look at the Cascades.

-many more trees in this photo compared with the preceding photo.


once again, looking toward El Encanto...this time in the 1970s or 80s.


a good view of El Encanto.


one last look at the Cascades and the statue Athena.

-here's how it all looks on google-earth.


After Midwick View Estates went down the tubes, El Encanto and the area around the Cascade was home to a refugee camp in the early 1930s.
(there are several photos of this on the google)

Oh, and one other neat tidbit, during WWll El Encanto was turned into an USO.



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