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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I came across this color slide dated 1958 this afternoon on ebay. (I don't believe we've seen it before, but I could be wrong)


I'm interested in that fairly large white building to the left of the streetcar. Does it look familiar to any of you?

777 E. Gage Avenue.


The S line placard says "Manchester and Central," so we're entitled to think the big yellow car is headed outbound. A little homework revealed what stretches of the S line were double tracked and separated by a median. The Googlemobile (and some luck that the building had survived modification of the roof) did the rest.

e_r's photo was taken from the south lanes of Gage looking west, approximately from the point marked "x" on the Sanborn map. (I was too lazy to stitch, thus the blank right side of the following.)


Note the double set of train tracks peeling SW off Gage seen running along the bottom of e_r's photo. They are shown on the Sanborn map and also their ghost can be seen in the modern aerial view:


The Sanborn map shows 777 E. Gage as a cosmetic manufacturing firm, and indeed the 1956 city directory lists several related businesses at that address, such as "House of Hollywood Cosmetics" and "La Bonita Cosmetics." With the eye of faith, one can just make out the word "Hollywood" above the main entrance in e_r's photo. Today it's "Umana Designs Inc. Furniture Factory."

Maybe the car experts can confirm the 1958 date, that seems kind of late.

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