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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
This attractive building in the shadow of one of the smaller gasometers caught my eye.

USC Digital Library

Looking at the Baist maps, I found it was a public school. Being on Amelia Street, it was the Amelia Street School.

A quick Google didn't turn up much information, so here are the listings I found in the City Directories for the Amelia Street School. I don't know the streets in the first entry, but after that they all point to roughly the same location. It looks like Amelia Street became N Garey around 1939, even though the north and south sections never meet.

1886-87, "bet Lazart and Weill", principal: Miss Libbie Snyder.
1894, "Amelia near Jackson", principal: Sylvanus A Waldron.
1898, "bet Turner and Jackson", principal: William W Tritt.
1900-01, "Amelia nr Jackson", principal: Mrs Estelle B Smith.
1909 & 1911, "Amelia ne cor Jackson", no principal listed.
1915, "410 Amelia", principal: Mary A Henderson.
1917 & 1918, "410 Amelia", no principal listed.
1921 & 1923, "410 Amelia", no principal listed, now a "Day and Evening" school.
1926, 1927, 1929 & 1932, "410 Amelia", no principal listed.
1936 & 1938, "611 Jackson", principal: Mrs Mabel S Colerick.
1939, as above, although address is also listed as "410 N Garey".
1942, "407 Vignes", no principal listed.

I thought the school was missing from the 1936 CD, but the entry was spelled "Amelia Streeet [sic] School"!

HossC, in 1938 the Amelia Street School was featured in this Nuestro Pueblo column (L.A. Mirror).

I was looking over HossC's Baist map again and noticed a small hospital on Jackson Street situated between the school and the gas-o-meters.
-does anyone have information on this hospital?


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