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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I was hoping I could find out more information on the Cape House Restaurant, but I kept coming up with nothing.

-But I did find this:
In this article from the April 30, 1881 Daily Herald the Cape House is briefly referred to as Moiso's Mansion.
(I'm also curious about the windmill that's mentioned several times in the court proceedings)

for the complete article about the Abarta trial go here

...I also found this earlier article of a real estate transaction from March 30, 1875.

-but I'm not sure if this is the same property as the Cape House. -refresh my memory...did Bellevue Terrace eventually become New High Street?


I believe Bellevue Terrace Tract is what's being referred to here. I don't remember Bellevue Terrace ever being a street. The Bellevue Terrace Hotel was on the NW corner of 6th and Figueroa ultimately supplanted by the Jonathan Club. The Bellevue Terrace Tract was north of 6th Street and stretched from Beaudry on the west to Olive on the east. It's northern boundary ran at an angle passing just north of the Normal School and ending just south of 4th and Olive. Block 101 of the Bellevue Terrace Tract would have been bounded by Olive, Charity (Grand), 6th and 5th Streets. The same block which would later host the Biltmore.

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