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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
e_r, I hope you don't mind me using one of your recent posts to make a point. It's something that many of us do from time to time (I'm including myself here), and I thought it was better to pick on our glorious leader rather than single out anyone else.

My issue is that while the picture includes a caption which tells us exactly what we're looking at, it's only displayed as an image rather than text. This means that anyone searching for pictures of the Arroyo Seco Freeway won't find your post. As NLA continues to grow, this issue becomes increasingly important. It's very easy for any of us to find a great image, post it, and assume that the picture tells the full story. I remember several times when I've been about to hit "Submit Reply" button only to realized at the last minute that I haven't written anything to say what I'm posting. I'm sure there are many more times when I haven't included a sufficient description.

I'm not advocating the naming of everything visible in posted pictures (even though this can prove very useful when USC list all the visible signs in some of their images), but a basic description, even if it duplicates information on the image, would be handy for search purposes. As usual, just my two cents.
Well, as will surprise no one, I agree with your basic point. In fact, next to un-hosted images (which subsequently disappear into the ether), it would be my second greatest criticism of NLA which I love, warts and all.
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