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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

Have we seen the Girl's Collegiate School on NLA?

I don't think we've seen it under that name before, although the picture gives a good view of the roses which are responsible for one of the other names used for the building: Casa de Rosas. The building is still there, minus the high brick arch in the center.

Google Maps

As well as Casa de Rosas, the building is also known as the Sunshine Mission. I found three previous mentions of Casa de Rosas on NLA (all by GW!):

Moving to ground level, since the previous posts, it now looks like the building is fenced off and the first floor is boarded up (this image is dated April 2014). Despite this, the paintwork still appears to be in good condition.


The posts above cover a fair bit of the building's history, especially about its use as an early kindergarten/Froebel Institute. The text below is from a book called University Park, Los Angeles: A Brief History by Charles Epting.
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