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It looks like Crescent Creamery became Arden Farms Inc as here's the milk bottle atop their building at 1900 W Slauson in 1932. The full photoset also includes pictures of their delivery trucks.

USC Digital Library

The sign on the side indicates that they were exclusive milk suppliers to the 1932 Olympic athletes.

Detail of picture above.

The 1932 CD lists the business at 1914 W Slauson as Western Dairy Products Inc. The Arden Farms Inc name first appears in the 1936 CD (below) and by 1938 the Western Dairy Products is only mentioned as a former name.


I went back to the 1954 aerial, and judging by the shadow, I think the milk bottle is still there. The view below is a little closer than the one I posted earlier, but covers some of the same area.

Historic Aerials
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