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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

We've covered gas holders (gasometers) on NLA almost as often as we've covered incinerators.
Despite that, I can't remember if there was a gas holder near Slauson and Western.
I tried to used but it's not working on my computer (because of silverlight). Can someone look it up for me? (HossC ) -thx.
Here's a view from 1954, and it looks like there were two large, cylindrical structures on S St Andrews Place, just above W 60th Street. Both are gone by 1972, although the outline of where the lower one once stood can still be made out. BTW, I use HA without Silverlight and it usually works fine for me.

Historic Aerials


Originally Posted by Earl Boebert View Post

"The Rules of Film Noir," BBC documentary:

Haven't had a chance to watch yet, but looks promising.


Thanks for the link, Earl. I've just watched the whole documentary. In the middle there's a guy called Neil Brand talking about the music in film noir. A few years ago I saw him giving live accompaniment to a talk on silent comedy, recreating the way the original audiences would've seen it - he was very good.

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