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Here's a Downtown building which I don't think we've seen before. USC call it "The old Pacific Indemnity Building at the southeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Hope Street", but I think that's the company that owned it. The City Directories list it as the Pacific Finance Building at 621 S Hope, and signage seems to back up this name. According to, it was finished in 1925 and had 13 floors above ground and 2 below. To the left is the 1949 General Petroleum Building/Mobil Oil Building. On the far left is the Rex Arms. The picture is fairly vaguely dated at circa 1950/1969. I think I can spy a 1956 Pontiac and a 1959 T-Bird among the cars parked outside (I know someone will correct me if I'm wrong ).

USC Digital Library

I had to go for an aerial view to do justice to the building that stands on the site today: the AON Center. Returning to for information, the new tower was built in 1973 and has 62 floors above ground and 5 below. At over five times the height of the old building, it rather dwarfs its neighbor which is now known as the Pegasus Apartments.

Google Maps

Returning to the first picture, the building on the right is the Acacia Hotel with the California Club just peaking out behind. FredH posted a color picture of the Acacia looking down 6th Street in post #19311. Here's a better view of the hotel's front from 1965 (the Pacific Finance Building would've been just off to the left.

Huntington Digital Library

HDL also has this shot of the Acacia with an advert for the S.S. France on the side. This was taken from a similar angle to the black & white picture above, and includes a bit of the Pacific Finance Building on the left and the California Club in the background again. Immediately behind the lamp post on the right is the University Club which I covered in post #20363. The first picture in that post also includes an overhead view of the Acacia.

Huntington Digital Library

Finally, USC has a small photoset of a damaged 1939 Plymouth coupe (their identification). The pictures were apparently commissioned by Pacific Indemnity and were taken in the parking lot between the Pacific Finance Building and the Acacia Hotel. A portion of the Richfield Building is visible in the top left corner.

USC Digital Library
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