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Originally Posted by FredH View Post

I never knew malted milk was that popular.
Funny you should mention that, because earlier today I came across this 1939 picture of Main Street.

USC Digital Library

Martin Pal recently posted a couple of pictures of Harold's at 555 S Main Street, but it used to be a Majestic Malted Milk Shop (there were other stores at 300 S Broadway, 762 S Figueroa and 321 W 5th).

Detail of picture above.

This picture was taken slightly further up S Main Street. USC date it as 1938-1958, but it's clearly from a similar time to the one above. I guess that must be the Optic that's showing Dick Powell's 1939 movie, 'Hard to Get'. The five-story building appears as Your Hotel in the 1936 and 1942 CDs, but is not listed in the ones in between. In Martin Pal's earlier pictures it's become the Dover Hotel, still with 100 rooms. In this picture they're severly undercutting the nearby Rosslyn - I wonder if the Rosslyn was worth twice the price?

USC Digital Library

In the middle is a different variant of the Waldorf Cellar sign

Detail of picture above.
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