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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
originally posted by GaylordWilshire

asking $199.99 for this at

As most of you know the Hotel Barbara still stands / known today as the Hotel Barbizon. (complete with rooftop sign)

Gee, maybe there's some Jack Dempsey memorabilia hidden away in the basement.

I haven't been rudely kicked out of an LA building in a while... think I'll infiltrate that basement on my next visit.

LAPL has these pictures of Jack that I hadn't seen before. Location unspecified but I'm sure this is the Barbara Inn at the hotel.

We've had this one on NLA before... just noting the uniforms are the same as above. (LAPL identifies it as ""Jack Dempsey and restauraunt staff")

Problem with the service? Let me introduce you to our complaint department

Does anyone else think this one was taken outside the Barbara? (looking at the streetlight up the block...)
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