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Originally Posted by Chuckaluck View Post

Nice Continuing Choo-Choo coverage! Interesting image of train crossing a Venice Canal here:
Here's the picture mentioned by Chuckaluck:

While reading through the PDF file about the VMRR, I noticed that "Three locomotives were ordered from the Johnson Foundry & Machine Works at 1119 North Main."
My search for pictures of North Main led me a few blocks further east. This is the Los Angeles Brewing Company in 1949.
(Lots of scrolling ---> )

USC Digital Library

I think the only building that's still standing is 1910 North Main, which e_r found about a year ago. It looks like it just needs a little TLC.

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

I also came across this empty art deco building at 1910 N. Main Street. I would have bet money that this was a defunct WPA era post office.


Well, it turns out this was part of the Los Angeles Brewery as well.

You can see e_r's full post about this and other brewery buildings here.
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