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More Venice Miniature Rail Road, 1905-25

Prior posts:

Also, I unwittingly showed much of the VMRR track in my now-updated Venice Panorama post, as well as the roundhouse, carhouse, and shops for the VMRR:

1909 map showing route of the Venice Miniature Rail Road. Starting at the VMRR station at Lake Avenue and El Camino Real (lower right corner of map; now Venice
and Abbot Kinney), the train traveled west past Venice Park (site of Villa City) then looped around at the end of Windward Avenue and went back east along the
same route then turned north on Riviera, to Rialto, then turned right onto El Camino Real and back down to the VMRR station:

The same area today:


The loop at the end of Windward Avenue, c. 1905:


The VMRR tracks next to Villa City, c. 1905:


1910; specific location unknown, but photo shows VMRR track on bridge over canal (is that a sea serpent
on the far side of the bridge?):

Huntington Digital Library --



c. 1912:

CA State Library --



Taking up the tracks, 1925:


And, as pointed out here (, you can see the VMRR in action in a wince-inducing
Hal Roach/Our Gang ripoff, The New Engine Driver, apparently by The Century Kids (no date; original titles in Dutch). A couple screen grabs:

Watch the movie here (VMRR first appears around the 4:00 minute mark):

At the very end of the movie, a little girl jumps into Aldebaran Canal; I'm not sure if this is the same bridge, but the area looks similar.
It looks like this bridge has a sea serpent on it as well:


More on VMRR: (previously noted)

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