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Here’s a photo of Doheny and Santa Monica; 1937

Here’s a photo of Doheny and Santa Monica; 1940's
LIFE Images

You would not see any cars turning right currently as it’s been a continuation of westbound traffic on Santa Monica as far back as I know.
There’s similar lanes for eastbound traffic on the other side of the track area.

Here’s a photo of Doheny and Santa Monica, 1980

Same area now, 2014

Way off to the right where you see the power pole--the road you see behind it is Melrose Ave. In E_R’s post the other day of the Academy Awards Theater—that’s where it was located,
probably where the building you can see is situated. The area you see between Melrose and Santa Monica is now called the Melrose Triangle and is most recently used for parking and
selling Christmas trees in the fall.

Here's an October 19, 2016, dashcam video of the intersection, beginning at Doheny Dr. and, after the light changes, it proceeds left (east) on Santa Monica Blvd. and travels down to just before Hancock Ave., your old street, E_R.
Video Link

In the next photo you’re gong to see a Standard Oil gas station in the Melrose Triangle area.

Vintage Los Angeles (VLA)

VLA says this photo was taken by Dennis Hopper (no date) and he called it "Double Standard". You can see the Academy Awards Theater on Melrose on the far right.

The following photo is taken from the opposite direction:


It’s estimated to be from 1965. The P.E. tracks used for freight trains are still in place. You can see part of the Standard Gas Station on the left at the Melrose/Doheny/Santa Monica Blvd. intersection.
On the right you can make out Doug Weston’s Troubadour and Dan Tana’s Restaurant, although they have different signs than the now recognizable ones…Doug Weston’s name is absent and the
restaurant is smaller and just called Tana’s.

Here’s a 1940’s view of when P.E. cars still ran and Dan Tana’s was known as Domenico’s Lucky Horseshoe Café.


A photo taken a few blocks away in 1972 on Santa Monica near La Cienega when the tracks were being removed altogether.
(The Holloway Motel and IHOP on the right are still there.)

Torrence/Hollywood Photographs

Back at the Melrose Triangle area, the view today from the park with the fountain: You can see artwork (always changing) on the median which also is a pedestrian area for running or walking.
You can see the art deco veternarian hospital in the background, previously discussed.

(FYI: I’ve never seen ANYONE on that path, although I walked down it once myself.

The view tomorrow?
This is what the City of West Hollywood is proposing to foist upon the Melrose Triangle area.

more here:

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