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The Jade at 6619 Hollywood Blvd.

The Jade Lounge at Jerry’s Joynt in Chinatown has been previously posted about and in January e_r did a post about the Jade Restaurant in Hollywood and posted some interiors.

See this post:

Lorendoc did a follow-up post with another interior shot and some further info about the place.

See this post:

Lorendoc said: “I will try to write some more about the Jade and its denizens, if people are interested.” Some posters expressed interest, but Lorendoc hasn’t posted any more yet. We’re still interested if you want to, Lorendoc!

In e_r’s post he wrote about The Jade: “It sounds like an enormous place. I can't remember, have we seen the exterior before on noirish?”

I do not find that we have, and I’ve found a couple of 1937 photos of it.

The Jade: Serving “Pink Jest Cocktails’!


The Virginia (?) on the second floor.

You like rooftop signs, e_r, but what is that on the roof? Does anyone know?


Bradley’s is across the street so that street is Cherokee.

1937 - NW corner Hollywood and Cherokee

Godzilla posted the above photo of Bradley’s here:

According to information on Martin Turnbull’s Garden of Allah website, this Bradley’s had a gay clientele. And Lorendoc posted a couple noirish items about The Jade, across the street!
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