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Originally Posted by Flyingwedge View Post

The Baist Map above is too early to show the 1925 Young's Market Co. building at the SW corner of 7th and Union:

GSV, 2011

More pics and info here: http://bigorangelandmarks.blogspot.c...-building.html
The bigorangelandmarks link has a small picture that's similar to the one below, but it doesn't show the original roof signs. USC dates this picture as 1932.

USC Digital Library

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

I wonder who would have been the clientele for Young's Market?

Well, just south of Young's Market on Union Ave. is the old Charleston Hotel & Apts.

The USC picture above shows that the Charleston Hotel used to be the Hotel Strand.

Detail of picture above.

e_r's full post includes more pictures of Young's Market, the Charleston Hotel and several other buildings in the area:


The 1932 date for the Young's Market picture is confirmed by another picture in the same set. This view of the Boos Bros. Cafeteria at 530 South Hill comes complete with Olympic flags.

USC Digital Library

I think I'll go for the 30ยข luncheon.

Detail of picture above.

Boos Brothers Cafeteria being demolished. The photo is dated 10/1/60.

Huntington Digital Library

Noircitydame posted some history of the cafeteria here:

The cafeteria can be seen in the background of a 1936 picture posted by e_r:

WS1911 posted some great pictures of the B&M Cafeteria which preceded the Boos Bros. Cafeteria:
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