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A couple of days ago, Gaylord Wilshire posted a color photo of the Vanderbilt Hotel. I went over to the website to see if there were more images of it and somehow ran into this:

What caught my eye was the caption: "Old building being wrecked above Philippe’s" (June 1960, Ord Street)

Somewhere in the fog bank of my memory, I recall a great post (maybe a couple years back) where someone proposed (quite successfully) that the two buildings in this photo were reduced to one floor and still exist. I can't find the post (or much of anything) with our search function.

Anyway, both buildings are shown in the background of this China City photo.


The Sunset Hotel, is also shown here:


The two buildings are now reduced to:


Google Street View

And this

Google Street View

If anyone can locate that old post, it would be great.

And, Oh would I love to have this '58 Chevy!
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