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The NBC Studios on Sunset & Vine, as well as the Sunset & Vine area, has been featured in many posts on NLA.

I know this photo of the lobby mural has been posted before:


I have also mentioned before that I’ve been looking for a color photo of the mural and, so far, no luck. It was painted by Ed Trumbull, while in his fifties, and it appears he painted many other murals in public buildings in San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia, among others, including the mural on the ceiling of the iconic Chrysler Building in New York City. (It was painted on canvas and cemented to the ceiling!) There’s also many photos of the murals, in color, too. That’s probably due to the fact that they are all still around. But, in my opinion, in the twenty-five year existence of the NBC Building, someone must have taken a photograph of this mural in color!

It dawned on me the other day that I have seen very few photos of this mural at all besides the one above. There’s more photos of Elizabeth Short, even one posted by E_R in front of this building! (Perhaps tourists or visitors were not allowed to take photos in the lobby?) I also have not discovered much at all written about this mural. (Does it have a name/title?) His other murals all have names and I haven’t even come across that bit of information about this one. I’ve even begun to wonder if the mural was painted in color at all, which might be why no one thought of taking a color photo of it. Perhaps?

Does anyone have any ideas where I could research this further, as I seem to run into a lot of brick walls while doing so. I admit feeling like I must be doing something wrong to keep being thwarted in this endeavor. Maybe NBC feels guilty for having destroyed this beautiful building and it’s lobby mural and has tried erasing it’s legacy, heh!

Although I looked up many many posts on NLA, I don’t pretend that the following photos of the building have not been posted here before. They’re all a little different than the head-on or corner views, so I thought I’d post them.

Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post
Herman Schultheis, a frequently cited photographer here...
BifRayRock posted a photo of Herman Schultheis, himself, with his favorite beverage! He seems to have had a rather playful personality. I found one of him by his car in front of the NBC building and judging by his jacket he had a colorful wardrobe as well!

Vine Street view c. 1939

I’m guessing his jacket was orange hot pink stripes, perhaps?

And another showing more of NBC:

Alan Mays

Here’s a photo from Nick Faitos who says:
Frances, my grandmother (L), and her friend Sarah are posing in the front of Radio City. Nattily dressed and carefully coiffed, the two of them have just attended a live broadcast of Tom Breneman's "Breakfast in Hollywood" program across Vine, and have come over to see about tickets to "This Is Your Life."
Nick Faitos/Flickr

Here’s the building looking west from Sunset Boulevard and Argyle Avenue (c. 1942):


Here’s a photo at the corner edge of NBC looking northwest up Vine Street. The shops in the center across the street from left to right include: part of the Tropics restaurant, the Globe Investment Company (1529 Vine Street), the Health Spot Shoe Shop (1531 Vine Street), the Travelknit Shop (1533 Vine Street), Ambassador Florists Inc. (1535 Vine Street) and the Hollywood Recreation Center Bowling Alley (1539 Vine Street). (c.1939):


Here’s a look down the rest of Vine to Sunset, starting from the “parking sign” in the photo above. You can see the full “Tropics” on Vine across the street:

Some other angular views around the NBC Building, all LAPL:

Looking west toward Columbia Square:

Here are two photos of World War 2 servicemen sitting on the curved section of the NBC entrance at Sunset & Vine:

This soldier might be looking at an admission ticket to one of the shows:

And…this is listed as a 1950’s Atkin’s Travel Slide:

PREVIOUS NBC Building/Sunset and Vine posts - I believe none of the NBC photos I posted are included in these posts, except the lobby mural:

From ER - a noirish nighttime view / postcard-day

gsjansen – the lobby model, construction, mural, assorted views, destruction:

ER: contains outside side shots/inside lobby photo (some missing):

gsjansen – contains demolition

gsjansen – contains color shots of Hollywood including NBC:

HandsomeStranger - contains color slides

BifRayRoc - contains construction / soundstage/ aerial south side/ postcard/ demolition:

ER – contains E. Short at NBC

HossC – contains color aerial of Cinerama Dome construction with NBC Building in view:

HossC – contains north side aerial
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