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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

transit slide 1956.

pan right to see the green pickup's very cool.--------> Was it owned by the railway?

Originally Posted by Wig-Wag View Post

ER, this photo was taken at the former Los Angeles Railway 12th and Georgia Street carbarn sometime after the acquisition of LARY by National City lines in 1947. National City Lines renamed the former LARY, Los Angeles Transit Lines and the PCC type streetcars in picture carry the NCL/LATL logo and corporate paint scheme. The truck looks to be a 1949 Chevy but it is not carrying the LATL logo and the resolution of the photo is not quite high enough to make out the lettering on the cab.
Here's what the Herald Express trucks looked like in 1960. The picture shows a couple of their circulation drivers receiving safety awards.


Pictures of the Herald Express building on Georgia Street seem a bit thin on the ground. This one is dated January 8, 1947. The caption reads, "Firemen are shown pouring streams of water onto the broken gas main in a desperate effort to prevent the escaping gas from exploding."


And this one shows the same incident looking south towards Pico. The streetcar barn is off to the right.


Speaking of the streetcar barn, the caption for this 1946 picture describes it as "nearly empty (before the strike)". LAPL also has a follow-up "Today" picture showing the barn nearly full, but it's covered in lines and arrows for cropping the photo.


I came close to this area when I identified the Dorothy Apartments in post #20619. Here's another close-up from the same aerial view I used in that post. It looks like the streetcar barn has had its tracks replaced with tarmac and is being used as a parking lot for buses.

Detail of picture at USC Digital Library

To show how the area has changed, this aerial is from 1948.

Historic Aerials

The Convention Center now sits squarely on the old streetcar barn. I've kept the original street locations on this 2004 aerial.

Historic Aerials
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