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In researching the history of 4032 Wilshire Boulevard—an old friend here first brought to our attention by ER on Oct 12, 2011, and later identified by BRR—I made an interesting discovery.

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
This is a long shot, but does anyone recognize this small streamline building?
It's unidentified in the lapl archive.

Herman Schultheis at

Besides the photographer's name, the biggest clue is clearly the address 4032 (minus the name of the street).

LAT Sept 13, 1936

The finished remodeling differs from the Times rendering, but in any case it never occurred to me that the Streamlined medical office wasn't new construction.

Full story of 4032 Wilshire Boulevard: http://wilshireboulevardhouses.blogs...e-see-our.html

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