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Hollywood & Vine - Part 3

(1995 - c. 1999) Jack's Sugar Shack


JACK’S SUGAR SHACK moved here from it’s Pico Blvd. location.

The above photo I found in two sources with different information. One describes it as Jack’s Sugar Shack. From the source below that describes the place, it sounds credible. The other source lists it as a 1987 William Reagh photo. If so, that would be when it was being readied as The Brown Derby. Also credible.

A Tikiroom poster wrote: “Jack's was entered via the door at the far right.” (Entrance on Vine, not at the corner.) “The building was painted white or off-white at that time, and the sign for Jack's, in a bamboo frame, and a palm tree were painted on the building next to the door.” (As in a photo above.) [It had] “the most beautiful bamboo bar I've ever seen. Thachery, bamboo, the whole nine. My favorite thing about this place was in the back there was a wall with a giant mural of Thurston Howell and Lovey.”

Someone also writes: “It was painted green after Jack's closed up.”

Could the above photo be DEEP?

(2000 – 2005) Deep

I can find no photo of the exterior, but there’s lots of tidbits about the nightclub and the owner, Ivan Kane. He apparently had a string of clubs that burned brightly, but briefly in Hollywood, including Kane (1997-2002), Deep (2000-2005), Ivan Kane’s Forty-Deuce (2002-2007, also in Las Vegas 2004-2009, and also a Forty-Deuce reality series on Bravo in 2005), Ivan Kane’s Café Was (2007-2011), and currently Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly Burlesque opened in Atlantic City in 2012.
Info from:

About Deep: Kane's homage to early idol, Cabaret director/choreographer Bob Fosse. This nightclub, infamous for pushing the envelope in terms of sexuality, voyeurism and decadence, was featured in Steven Soderbergh's film “Ocean's 11”. (Another source says Soderbergh was part owner.) Dancers performed stylized ménage a trios over the dance floor in a plexiglass box and in Amsterdam-style rooms over the bar behind two-way mirrors.

(2006 – 2008) Basque

Nichols/Lotta Living

On fire. (Notice the "Bob Hope Square" sign designation on the pole.)

News about the fire:

A recording studio? According to the Daily Breeze:
Federal Agents were called in to help with the probe of the fire. In addition to Basque, the building devastated by the fire was home to three other businesses, DanDee Shoe Repair, Bloodshot Tattoo and the San Miguel Spa. A scene from ``Ocean's Eleven'' was filmed in the club when it was known as Deep a few years ago, Davies said. It was also once a Brown Derby, a Howard Johnson's restaurant and a recording studio. The blaze was the second in the area last week. On the afternoon of April 26, a blaze apparently sparked by faulty wiring gutted Off Vine restaurant at 6263 W. Leland Way.

From another article HERE:

Los Angeles Fire Department arson experts have not determined the cause of the blaze. But some in Hollywood suggest that mysterious fires frequently precede demolition of historic buildings near the Hollywood and Vine intersection.

Officials say they have no evidence that any of the blazes were tied to redevelopment. But historian and preservationist Gregory Paul Williams said he has counted 10 nearby buildings that were torn down after being damaged by fire. One, the renowned Brown Derby restaurant on Vine Street, was set on fire 16 times, he said.

“This is the unsolved arson capital of the world,” said longtime Hollywood activist John Walsh.

Gregory Paul Williams


Three current views of the Northwest corner of Hollywood & Vine looks like this, with the Redbury Hotel up the street taking focus.
(In fact, they use Hollywood & Vine as their address in most cases.)


The Redbury's website says rooms come stocked with records and turntables.

David Zanzinger

Yes, it is now a parking lot.
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