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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
How about a "then, then and now"? The old Sunset Boulevard overpass gets replaced with a single span.

"View of the Sunset Boulevard overpass on Glendale Boulevard before reconstruction, April 7, 1934"

USC Digital Library

"Sunset Boulevard overpass on Glendale Boulevard after reconstruction, October 4, 1934"

USC Digital Library

The overpass today. The building on the right appears to be the same, even though the windows have been heavily modified.

I'm glad you posted these before and after photos HossC.

Here's a great photograph looking east across the Sunset Blvd. bridge. (note the wooden sidewalks)

ECHO_29 at

The north side of Sunset at the east end of the overpass with wooden stairs leading down to Glendale Blvd.

the same building today. (no stairs leading down to Glendale Blvd.)

the building viewed from Glendale Blvd. (below Sunset)

unknown/found in an old file of mine.

Here's the building on the south side of Sunset at the east end of the Sunset Blvd. bridge.


the same building today.

A rather surreal image with a house being transported across the bridge in 2002.
ECHO_29 at flickr

a quick overview of the area.


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