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Originally Posted by Noircitydame View Post

439 S. Hill is such a neat building, kind of lost in the shuffle between the Subway Terminal and the Title Guarantee Building. It was built for Peoples National Bank, designed 1927, but before it opened in late June 1928, Peoples had become National Bank of Commerce. Sometime between July 1930 and Feb 1933 it became (rough times for banking!) Pacific States Savings, and was up through 1937. Then by 1948 it was the Subway Terminal branch of Citizen’s National. I didn’t find any good photos of it with their signage.

entrance detail:
Those are exactly the pictures I couldn't find, Noircitydame. I tried searching for the National Bank of Commerce, but only found pictures like the one below where I couldn't see the entrance.


I also found this picture where the structure seems to be called the Pacific Commerce Building.


Before their offices at 439 S Hill were built, Peoples National Bank had a branch on the right of the Subway Terminal Building.

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