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Thanks for transcribing that, Prophet.

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

As most of you NLA'ers know...Prospect Avenue became none other than Hollywood Boulevard.
Pretty cool postcard huh. Anyone recognize these houses? (perhaps we've discussed them before)

The one closest is the famous and still-extant (if buried) Janes House. It was supposedly a model house for a subdivision going in. (See this post, this one, and this one.)

Originally Posted by Hollywood Graham View Post
Just to I.D. some things on these photos. The officer is probably driving a 49-51 Ford with a Federal Q Siren mounted on the right front fender. “Q” sirens would almost drain the 6 volt battery of life when using it which would hinder performance of the car. It was controlled by the horn ring on the steering wheel. It had a brake on the siren because it would keep running for a long time when the electricity was cut off. Kind of the Cadillac of Sirens and still is. The piece of paper in the glove box is a “Hot Sheet” which listed license plates of cars that were stolen. The plate number was listed in a column by the first number. This made it easy for the officer to find. The “Hot Sheet” was renewed everyday. The revolver is a break down and is old for that time, probably purchased to commit his suicide.
Great detail, HG. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the cop car would be a '49--the knobs on the '50 Ford's window cranks were different, and the cranks on the '51 were different altogether.

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