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Originally Posted by Tourmaline View Post
If those pics pique anyone's interest, could someone find a way of posting a complete enlarged high resolution version of the related panorama (below)? Previous effort did not do it justice! (post 13540)

Incomplete low resolution version:
I'm not sure if anyone ever posted a larger version of the panorama. Obviously the one below doesn't come close to the zoom levels of the recent detail posts by GaylordWilshire and Tourmaline, but it's already over 4000 pixels wide.

NB. I've spent a while trying to reduce the differences in lightness between panels and also made a few other tweaks.

USC Digital Library

I was interested to know what the roof sign near the top right corner of the bulding on left said. Zooming in, it was easy to see that it was the still extant sign atop the Du Barry apartments at the corner of Catalina and 5th.

Detail of picture above.

More pictures of the Du Barry apartments can be found in e_r's post here.
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