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excellent FW.

Strike at Sycamore Cleaners in 1934.

I was able to locate the address in the 1939 Los Angeles City Directory. could this be the same building?

-beneath the tree branch on the left I detect a familiar architectural ornament.

Yep, there it is, and it matches perfectly with the 1934 'strike' photograph.

So what about the tall building in the distance that's visible in both the 1934 photo and in this contemporary street view?

It's a 11 story Bekins Building that dates back to 1926. (1025 N. Highland Ave.)


Here's a 1926 view showing the roof-top twin radio towers (visible in the 1934 Sycamore Cleaners strike photo)

above: (Not to be confused with the 14 story 1928 Beverly Blvd. Bekins with it's roof-top speakeasies)

Contemporary view.


..and one more



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