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1601 Industrial Street: A Former World Champion

These are the buildings on the eastern half of the north side of the block on Industrial Street, between Alameda and Mill. The black-fronted building is 1581, the
building to its right has a sign over its entrance showing it's 1601 Industrial St., and the building at far right (brown roof) has a sign showing it's 1717-19 Industrial St:


The LA County Assessor shows just two buildings on the block (eastern half in yellow is all 1567 Industrial), with each building having five "improvements,"
but no indication as to which is which:

LA County Assessor

Although 1601 Industrial St. is relatively anonymous today, when it was built it had a claim to fame:

The building on the right is the one with the brown roof in the aerial view above.


The girders:

Los Angeles, The Old and The New (J. E. Scott, 1911) @ HathiTrust --;seq=44

Carl Leonardt lived for a time at 2 Chester Place; it seems he also built the streets and sidewalks at Chester Place (

To see Floyd B. Bariscale's photos of the outside of 2 Chester Place, click here:

To read about the interior decoration of 2 Chester Place and see three photos of same, click here:

To read about the 1910 death of Leonardt's son in an auto accident on Adams Boulevard near 13th Avenue, click here:

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