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Originally Posted by Martin Pal View Post

I wondered exactly where this location is. Currently there is no 1284 address. Google maps indicates 1284 would be at the southeast corner of Crescent Heights and Fountain Ave. which is now addressed 1274 and that’s the probable location. The northeast corner across the street is a parking lot, at present, that by its appearance looks to have been built where another structure/building used to be.

The corner address (1274) is currently occupied by an apartment complex called The Crescent which is listed as built in 1985. It’s the same location as the Oleander Arms, where Judy Garland lived in the film, A Star is Born, that I mentioned above. I recall around the time the film had been restored and shown again (in 1983) that people were trying to save this building because of this significance. The Crescent was subsequently built here, but I recall that the Oleander Arms was not demolished, but “moved” to another location.

So far, I have not been able to find anything written about that “move” online. I also cannot find any source that tells me the Oleander Arms was built on the site of Mom Lehr’s/Dustin Farnham’s mansion. (Not to be confused with another Oleander Arms that was located in Hollywood.) The Bruce Torrence book, from 1978, indicates that the then current site of the mansion was occupied by a singles apartment building (Oleander Arms?).

Since I walk by this area often enough, I always keep wondering exactly where this was. My guess is that it’s the southeast corner of Crescent Heights and Fountain, but not sure that it isn’t across the street at the northeast corner.

I haven’t discovered any aerials of this area, which is a block or two below Sunset and Crescent Heights which is where the Garden of Allah and Schwab’s Drugstore are located. The postcard photo I found recently of Dustin Farnham’s mansion (from the 1920’s) doesn’t give me a clue as to which side of the street it was on, but if you compare it to the entrance photo of the Hollywood Guild and Canteen, above, you can see the sidewalks line up perfectly.


Link about Dustin Farnham:
Link to Bruce Torrence’s photo site:
Link to a short article about a West Hollywood walking tour with one or two dozen notable buildings in the area I’ve been talking about:
I can't help with the Oleander Arms, but here's an aerial from 1948 which shows the Dustin Farnum/Farnham house on the southeast corner of the intersection.

Historic Aerials

The house had already gone by 1952, but that aerial image is pretty blurry. This 1972 aerial shows the same replacement building(s).

Historic Aerials

Just for comparison, here's an up-to-date picture of the intersection. Most of the buildings from 1948 have been replaced by rectangular blocks with pools in the center, but a few survive.

Google Maps


Before I forget: GW, thanks for all the LAT articles and follow-up picture about the University Club of Los Angeles.
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