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Thanks for digging out the Brack Shops info, e_r. I saw the name in the City Directories but failed the remember that they'd come up before on NLA.


While I was looking for pictures of the Cowards Wildly Edwards & Wildey Building yesterday, I came across the one below. It's a little blurrier than the others, but does show the blade sign which started the discussion. Of course, I didn't need to look any further than NLA for a picture of the Edwards & Wildey Building - e_r posted one back in post #4851! What caught my attention with this picture was the building on the right.

USC Digital Library

After a bit of Googling I found it was the University Club of Los Angeles at 614-622 South Hope. A quick search of NLA yielded no previous mentions, so I don't think this is a repeat (I won't be surprised if someone else finds it!). According to an article on, the building had its formal opening July 6, 1922.


I can't find too much more about the building after that, although the History of the Zamorano Club says they moved into the building in 1934 and stayed until it was razed in 1967. LAPL dates the William Reagh picture below as 1970, but they also have a different framing of exactly the same shot dated as 1965.


The earliest picture that LAPL have is dated 1925. It shows a parking lot and another building to the right.


By 1938, the parking lot has made way for Wilshire Boulevard.


I also found this picture at LAPL. The caption says "The University Club was founded in this building at 913 South Broadway on March 27, 1898, in the home of Russ Avery. This corner is seen in 1892, when the first Eastern stores were founded by Adolph Sieroty, later the location of the Eastern new height-limit home." Is this the same University Club?

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