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MP: I've looked at a good bit of Times coverage on this--the coverage begins in the 'teens through the '30s. Looks like the city fathers wanted a new route to the west side and proposed a "Beverly Boulevard" from Whittier to the ocean. The mid-town route involved First Street and Temple, which at the time extended west toward Windsor Square/Hancock Park. As early as 1912, there were proposals to rename Santa Monica Boulevard--or at least what was called the Santa Monica Road--Colegrove Boulevard, and soon after that a proposal to change it again to Beverly Blvd. Then in 1916 the proposal came for extension through Beverly Hills and on through Brentwood to the Pacific. Exactly what the path through Beverly Hills might have been is so far unclear, as is how it might have connected to the Beverly Boulevard that then existed (now Sunset--the extension west of which L.A. also called Beverly) and which in the '30s was all connected to Sunset coming from the east. Looks to me that as Beverly became the name of the current road west into BH to the south of Sunset, the city renamed its portion of the Sunset route west of BH and urged that city to follow suit, which it finally did. Seems there was a lot of wrangling, with the result that Beverly Boulevard never did become a city-to-the-sea throughfare. In other words, the current Beverly Blvd and the Beverly-now-Sunset never connected. Sorry if this is hard to follow--I've tried to simplify.

One thing I might add is that--especially in the super-boosterish Times--a lot of these articles were grandiose announcements of plans not at all firm in order to sell-sell-sell real estate....

LAT March 19, 1916

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