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Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post

About - 1925 - Beverly Boulevard in BH. (It will be our secret!)

Of course this would be much older than 1925, and probably father west...

As the route of Beverly Boulevard developed from downtown via Temple and First, there was already a Beverly Boulevard in Beverly Hills... that road's extension westward from BH became Sunset Boulevard in 1934... not sure when the Beverly within BH--not today's four blocks if it within the city limits but another road to the north--became Sunset, tying in with L.A.'s Sunset coming from the east and completing that road all the way to the ocean.

LAT June 23, 1934

LAT June 19, 1932

Just a couple of the many confusing newspaper pieces to the puzzle of the various Beverly Boulevards.... I'm sure someone has the history all worked out somewhere...?
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