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I just noticed the trees behind the Carolina Pines Jr. look like pines.
I don't know trees, so I'm guessing they're pines) I wonder if they survive?

the Carolina Pines Jr. site today


below: Across the street is this fine one story building with twelve count'em twelve miniature dormers. SE corner Melrose & Martel Avenue.

Are sure about the location? I have a feeling we have discussed about this very same Carolina Pines restaurant before. I also remember seeing it in some book where the address was mentioned, placing the restaurant in corner of La Brea and Sunset Blvd. In that case, those pine trees are actually on Lanewood Avenue, and yes, they're still there. Lanewood runs between La Brea and N. Orange Dr. and the entire avenue (big word for such small street) is lined up with large pine trees.

Check out this view, notice the trees and how the landscape is rising behind the restaurant exactly like in the postcard:
Also, search for "Carolina Pines Jr. on Sunset and La Brea" brings results supporting my theory.
The very last scene in movie "Frances" (Jessica Lange, playing Francis Farmer) was filmed on Lanewood. You can see the trees and Hollywood High across
the Orange Dr.
I lived on Lanewood in mid 90's. At the time Burger King occupied the spot where Carolina Pines restaurant used to stand, if I remember correctly.

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