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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
USC dates this picture of the Farmers Market and Gilmore Stadium at 1938/39. Ground-breaking on Gilmore Field began in 1938. Maybe the dark patch on the right is the remains of the "little stadium" in Chuckaluck's picture above.

USC Digital Library

This picture gives a better view of the drive-in restaurant at the northwest corner of the stadium. The Water and Power site names it as Herberts, seen here in 1949.

Water and Power also have a 1940 close-up of Herberts, previously posted by BifRayRock.

The venues adapted to the exhibition. Recall that there was midget auto racing, horse shows, baseball, football and probably a host of other events. Look closely at HossC's bottom image and the (soccer?) grid on the field. Manchester United goes Hollywood? Per some of the earlier postings, there were a variety of circus tents and teepees erected near the Farmer's Market area too.

Has anyone seen an aerial that includes a clear depiction of the "Gilmore" gas station (supposedly at Beverly and Fairfax)? Just read your response GW, so I know you're looking. There have been images posted depicting a Standard station on the NE corner.

Gilmore Field!~~60_3.JPG

Curiously, this ebay image is listed as '39 Gilmore Stadium, Burbank West LA.$_3.JPG$_57.JPG

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