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More hard rubber

The Old Motor
Early Moreland trucks were equipped with the Moreland gasifier, allowing them to burn cheap distillate fuel (apparently similar to kerosene).




Moreland trucks were Los Angeles's own, built early on in Burbank, later in the city istself. Sources cite the Burbank factory as being at San Fernando and Alameda—the intersection is now generic American CVS/Rite Aid Walgreens—no sign of Moreland today.

Inside the Moreland factory.

A collage of overhead photos showing automobile assembly plants located in the Long Beach and South Bay areas. In the 1930's all of the major U.S. automakers built assembly plants in the L.A. area in order to save on shipping costs. Shown are plants of: Ford Motor Co., Chrysler Corp., General Motors Corp., Willys-Overland Motors, Inc., Studebaker Corp., and Moreland Motor Truck Co.
The Moreland factory pictured is in Burbank.

The Moreland L.A. salesrooms were down at Main and 24th streets.



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