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Originally Posted by Trucker View Post
Wilmington Transfer and Storage in the early 20's

Personal col.
The Wilmington Transfer and Storage Co.'s building (now Bekins) seems to have had its shape determined by an old right-of-way.

Google Maps

Bekins also has the building with silvery, three-arched roof on Island Avenue. That one has been there since at least 1952 (according to Historic Aerials). The building in Trucker's picture is at the far left of the picture below.


The right-of-way isn't easy to follow on current aerials, but it goes right through the middle of the area in 1980, even though no rail tracks are visible. It looks like many of the current roads were just dirt tracks at the time.

Historic Aerials

I thought I remembered the Bekins building appearing in the 'CHiPs' episode 'Family Crisis' (S02E03), but this shot was the only one I could find (the Bekins building is on the left, above the green car). The white building on the right and the chimneys in the background have now gone.

Rosner TV/MGM TV

Many of the buildings in this area have changed since the episode was filmed circa 1978. Other buildings survive, such as the J.M. Costello Supply Co.

Rosner TV/MGM TV

The same view today, with less buildings and more graffiti. It probably looks worse because the road was dug up on the day the Google-mobile visited.


If anyone's interested in seeing the area in 1978, I found the final chase scene from 'CHiPs' on YouTube. A stolen movie stunt car has been used to commit several robberies. The pursuit zig-zags south from West E Street to the docks.

CHiPs - S02E03 Scene 4
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