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Originally Posted by HossC View Post

Here's a current Google aerial view. I've overlaid the outlines of some of the Stock Yard and Produce Terminal buildings.

Google Maps

When I applied the overlay, I noticed that the building I've marked "X" lines up perfectly with the outline. Switching to Streetview, it looks like we've got a survivor.

Great post! I like the overlay a lot, and good eye spotting that surviving CMD building.

Here's an aerial of a special event at the stock yards dated November 11, 1930, that shows the surviving CMD across from the hexagon building:

USC Digital Library --

A closer view of the hexagon building from a December 1929 photo:

USC Digital Library --

The Union Stock Yards was also the site of a monument to the 1847 Battle of La Mesa as seen in this 1927 photo:

USC Digital Library --

Right boulder; Robert Field Stockton was a gaping a**hole:

Do these plaques survive somewhere today?

P.S. Thanks Joe Gillis for the Mercury statue ID!

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