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1932 Olympics Photos

With the Winter Olympics underway, let's look back to some photos -- mostly of the Olympic Village in Baldwin Hills -- from the Official Report of the 1932 Summer Games in Los Angeles, which is available online here:

Looking west at Exposition Park, pre-Coliseum; Figueroa runs left to right across the bottom of the photo. At the bottom just to the right of center, 39th Street ends at Figueroa, and just west of that we see the infamous Arcade Palm:

Some photos have their own caption:

Looking west at the site of the Olympic Village early in its construction. Today, View Park occupies the hills in the foreground, and Stocker Street runs in the ravine behind and to the right of the village site:

Four athletes stayed in each of the 500 cottages, which measured 14 feet x 24 feet (including the porch):

Each cottage had two 10' x 10' bedrooms, with an entrance to each from the outside, a 2' x 4' closet, a wash basin, 100-watt electric lamp, cold-shower bath and, apparently, a desk and two chairs:

A rare view looking south; the four longer buildings in the middle are the dining rooms:

The outside of the main entrance:

Among the village facilities was a 2,000-seat outdoor ampitheater:

The old Southern Pacific Depot at 5th and Central:

It looks like Pacific Electric buses were pressed into service:

Before starting their training, the team from Denmark deigns to be photographed:

But don't worry about working up a thirst:

What game are they playing?

And which pool is this?

It's got to be one of these:

Only male athletes stayed at the village in Baldwin Hills. Female athletes dreamed of Olympic glory on Wilshire Blvd:

Back at the Olympic Village the men dined amid more spartan surroundings:

And I doubt any female athletes barged into the Chapman Park Hotel kitchen to make an unwelcome inspection, as the two guys next to Mr. Chefs Hat seem to be doing (the guy at back left looks plenty annoyed):

In addition to the athletic competitions, there were other events held in connection with the Olympics:

There were also art exhibitions and competitions. In 1940, the guy on the right will try but fail to kill Trotsky ( and
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