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NLA member MichaelRyerson has the same picture in his Flickr collection. His caption, below, identifies it as N. Spring:

Flag Day Parade, Los Angeles, 1935

Brand-spanking new 1935 Packard 120 leading parade on Flag Day, opening the baseball season in Los Angeles. Parade is headed south on N. Spring Street with Fort Moore Hill, the Alhambra Apartments and a corner of the Hall of Justice in the background. Packard Company file photograph of a 1935 Packard three-quarter front left view, top folded, sign on side reads "The new Packard 120 Earle C. Anthony, Inc.," male driver with four baseball players for passengers. Inscribed on photo back: Packard one twenty, model 120, twelfth series, 8-cylinder, 110-horsepower, 120-inch wheelbase, 2/4-person convertible coupe (body type #899), from Earle C. Anthony, Inc. L.A., Packard west coast distributor, 1935 California dealer plate #2C DLR 208.
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