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360 S. Westlake looks familiar but nothing turns up in the search function.


But even if we have seen it, I don't think we realized it used to be the Royal Palms Hotel.


Two spacious ballrooms and three cocktail lounges!! Where did they fit all these amenities? I had to have a closer look.


above: Is the one story section the old hotel's parking garage or one of it's two ballrooms?

*If you return to the first photograph you can see what looks like the old garage entrance in front on the left.
(I could be looks awfully small)

For some reason or other, the google-mobile driver decided to drive down the alley.

-the old hotel is in the distance, past the vacant lot.


-a closer look


Today it's the Royal Palms/Mary Lind Recovery Center. I tried to locate interior photos to no avail.

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