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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
The photographs on this site are amazing HossC.
I am going to post them here for the casual NLA viewers that skip the links.

The chronology is confusing to me. It's difficult to reconcile the single chute/theater photographs with these later images,
-added rides, a drained lagoon etc.

Here is a good view of the Chutes Theater. -notice the round windows on the side.

repairs? -the 'electrical' fountain is in the distance.

-the 'electric' fountain close up/as seen in the earlier postcards. (I thought it was on the other side of the lagoon)

-what are the buildings in the distance? -one is obviously a church...but the building to it's right?

-interesting to see the vast residential area that surrounded the park.

I spy an Orpheum.

Is this really the same amusement park?

Amazing images.


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