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I recently found this rare postcard of the Hotel Munn.

I've outlined the Hotel Munn on this detail of a 6x8 negative found on ebay

Beaudry described the view in 2010.
Originally Posted by Beaudry View Post
I believe the precise and specific architectural/historical term would be bitchin'. We're on top of the Palace Hotel, at the 317 S Olive. Beneath us is the Ems, but we're looking over that, and the railing we see below is this nifty turreted structure at 327 (which disappeared in the 40s). Below that is 331 which was gone by '22. Then usual suspects the Fremont, the Trenton, then counter clockwise up Olive from 5th, love the backside of the Auditorium, and note the 'lil Mission-style Munn, which was eaten up by the subway terminal project. The Wales up the street.
As far as I can tell, there is one other photograph of the Munn on NLA,

posted by kznyc2k. -it's a must see! -check it out.

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