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Thanks to my fellow collaborators for nailing the Orlando Avenue location. This one was a real joint effort. ProphetM, I'm kicking myself for not checking the reverse angle on the aerial view to find those hidden roof details, but I'll get over it . Great work by everyone involved.


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The caption says: Old retaining walls and stairs that used to lead up to the Moorcliff apartment building, 121 South Hill Street, on Bunker Hill.

Have we seen the Moorcliff Apartments before? I don't recall.
We have seen the Moore Cliff Apartments before:

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below: USC caption "Looking north on Hill Street from 2nd Street, ca. 1932"
The 4 story building in the center of the photo is the Moore Cliff Apartments.

usc digital archive

Can anyone tell me what the sign in the middle of Hill Street is? It looks as if lanterns are hanging on each side of the sign.
Perhaps it's nothing more than "Open Manhole".

Also notice the man on crutches getting ready to board the approaching streetcar.

below: Here is another photo of the Moore Cliff from LAPL.

Here's a close-up from the top picture. BTW. the sign in the middle of Hill Street just says "Danger Excavation".

Detail of photo at USC Digital Library

A couple a pictures from other angles:

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The steps you see on the right side of Hill Street lead to the Moore Cliff Apartments.
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looking west across broadway at the moore cliff hotel

Source: LAPL
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