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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
March 25, 1950

I thought it would be relatively easy to figure out what hotel room this photograph by Ed Phillips was taken from,
but a quick look on google-earth shows the southeast corner of Argyle and Hollywood Blvd. is now a parking lot.

That said, this photograph is intriguing. Why is there a Oscar on the window sill when it looks as if the Academy Awards are about to start (per the klieg lights) across the street. Maybe those Price-Waterhouse guys are staying in the room. (kidding...sort of)

Notice the 1940s wallpaper in the top right-hand corner. (I have a vintage tie from the same era with a similar abstract design)
I went back to the video that flies over Hollywood and Vine, but I only got the blurry shot below. The hotel where the picture above was taken must be the building near the top left.

Then I remembered the various vintage camera car movies on YouTube. The second video I tried was Hollywood Blvd 1957. It yielded this picture.

YouTube/Getty Images

The 1956 CD lists the Hotel Vermillion/Vermillion Hotel at 6162 Hollywood Boulevard. Back in the 1942 CD, the Hotel Regent was at 6162 Hollywood Boulevard.
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